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Now carrying the best radar detectors

We have had many requests from customers to carry the best performing radar detectors so we have added them for sale.
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AL Priority vs Laser Interceptor Sensitivity Testing

More testing results showing the AL Priority is more sensitive over the competition. Review the sensitivity test results here.
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New AL Priority Review

Long time enthusiast of countermeasures recently did an independent test of the AL Priority. Read the review here.
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New AL Priority R/G Radar & GPS Module

We will begin testing of the new AL Priority R/G Module next week. AL Priority with the integration of the Beltronics Sti-R Plus for Radar will be awesome.
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AL Priority Bluetooth Connect Hardware

Looks like the first photo's of the new ALP Connect Module are out. Seems like an easy connection to the ALP C port to add Bluetooth connection to your iPhone.
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New Forum for AntiLaser Support

A new online forum is being launched for Radar Detector and Laser Jammer support. All new AL Priority information will be posted on the new forum.
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AL Priority Testing Results

AL Priority has been tested again, View the ECCTG & RALETC independent test results.
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New AL Priority Firmware Update Available

Please note that there is a new firmware update available for your AL Priority systems.
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AL Priority Bluetooth Module Released

Please note that the ALP Connect app has been released in the apple store. This app is free and will be used with the Bluetooth module available soon to give a visual display and advanced voice alerts to your AL Priority system.
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