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AL Priority TX Sensor

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New AL Priority TX Sensor (Transmit Only) Sensor for the ultimate protection against VRP laser guns.
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The new TX Sensor from AntiLaser is the most powerful sensor ever created for ultimate laser protection against the most difficult to jam guns.  While everyone follows AntiLaser's footsteps AntiLaser is always a few steps ahead from the competition and the new TX sensor pushes the separation once again.


Unique triple transmitter design
Smallest, Yet most powerful sensor in its ultimate performance class
Extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interference's
Powered by AntiLaser's patented technology
A pair of TX Sensors can connect to one socket (Future planing only one is needed today)
Can sum up to 15 transmitters total system power making it the strongest setup available.


TX Sensors require a connected ALP GPS Antenna be connected to your AL Priority System
TX Sensors also need a minimum floor clearance of approximately 20" - If install is very low a TX is not recommended and you are better off with 3 regular sensors. 

See Examples of installs with TX Sensors:

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