Control Box firmware update (14.12.2015)
Release 5.2.1/6.5

1. Advanced LCC filtering: enabling ALP installation into cars equipped with LCC systems (Laser Cruise control/Laser brake assistants/LaserAntiCrash) such as: Volvo, Mazda, Infinity and others. It will be necessary to properly select your type of vehicle on the configuration web site to enable additional filtering in the ALP unit.
2. Configuration Profiles! Double-click the Menu button to change between stored A, B or C Profiles. The selected Profile will be announced by voice over the HiFi Control set. This feature is only available on systems with voice output. Modify each Profile to your preference on the website.
3. Instead of the old SETUP.alp file format the ALPriority now uses the CONFIG.alp and STATS.alp files. The website will create a CONFIG.alp file to transport your configuration to the ALP. When saving statistics from your ALP to a USB flash drive your ALP will create a STATS.alp file and a CONFIG.alp file. When sending your Statistics for support questions, send in your STATS.alp file only.
4. Laser support improved
5. Added support for the Radenso HD+ radar antenna
6. Various bug-fixes and stability improvements (Radar antennas, etc.).
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