New Updates released today (1/28/14) and this update is a 3 part update. New Firmware, New ALP Connect App & New ALP Setup Options. Here is a short breakdown of what this update consists of:

Release 4.3.3/4.6 (January 28,2014)

1. Full support for STiR M-edition antennas.
2. Added double-click to Control Set keyboard. Some other minor keyboard issues resolved.
3. Added Radar City Modes. CityYellow and CityRed, fully user configurable City filters. Added alerts for filtered signals.
4. Fog lights now tri-state, ON-STROBE-OFF (works only on AL sensors with fog light option).
5. Added Dim mode to Dark mode, now a tri-state, OFF-DIMMED-DARK.
6. Added K Band segmentation. K1, K2,…K6 from 23950 MHz to 24250 MHz (only STiR antenna at the moment).
7. Privacy KeyLock Mode modified to remember activation state after power off. Laser hit will deactivate it.
8. Improved signaling of Front/Rear Laser hit, front laser going behind will be properly shown.
9. Added AutoMute for Radar alerts only.
10. Added support for various ALPConnect features.
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