AL History

The AL Line of laser based parking sensors started in 1998. It was the first of its kind in the World. First sales began in 2000 with the 2nd Generation model. The original design and manufacture was undertaken by the inventor himself. All following Generations are still entirely made and designed in Croatia to this day. This lengthy evolution has yielded a versatile product that is small in size but boasts unsurpassed laser sensitivity.

Al Priority as a parking sensor

AL PRIORITY is, as its predecessors were, a completely functional parking assist device operating on the 905 nm light frequency. It constantly emits laser signals and recognizes them when reflected from an obstacle, consequently warning the user. Parking detection range can be custom setup to your preferred level within 8 available PDC options. As getting closer to the obstacle the speed of the parking alert will become faster. Thanks to the advanced program code the system will discriminate the laser signals coming from other laser sources. In case its normal operation gets interfered with by another laser source on the same light frequency, the ALP will try to maintain its perfect functioning. Should it recognize itself as a potential source of interference to another system, such as official speed measuring devices, the ALP system is programmed to reset within seconds.

AL Recent Release History : AntiLaser G8 (Generation 8, 2006); AntiLaser G9 (Generation 9, 2009); AntiLaser RX (Generation 10, 2010); AntiLaser RX2 (Generation 11, 2011); AntiLaser PRIORITY (Generation 12, 2013)

Intellectual Property

AL PRIORITY is covered by registered patents and patent applications. All intellectual property incorporated in this product is reserved to its legal proprietor. Patent reg. numbers: HR PK20060340, HR P20040769; ZAP/2010/8418; US 8,309,926; EP2277060; DE 60 2008 021 559.8; DK2277060, HU E017973; AUS 2008355569; WO 2015128682 A1; US 8,786,490; CA2939856A1, US 9,500,744; and others. Original AL sensor design is a registered industrial design at WIPO, DM 079630-0001.

AntiLaser, AL, AL Priority and ALPConnect are globally registered trademarks: US3222340, US4123648, US4280659, AUS1423337, HR-Z20091753, EM-1073712, HR-Z20120201, EM 1140797, CN 1140797, AUS153306, and others.

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