After some time testing different Beta's the ALP Connect Android app has been released to the Google Play Store. The Android app is great and AL has stepped up their game even more.

ALPConnect™ application is developed to add audio and visual notifications as well as to allow you to control your AL Priority® Multipurpose Laser System over a Bluetooth® v 4.0 Low Energy supported smartphone.

  • Watch Laser and Radar alerts from your AL Priority system like never before!
  • Identify front hit from a rear hit.
  • Get voice alerts and voice identifications of each Laser type encountered.
  • Command your AL Priority over a touchscreen of your smartphone.
  • Record history of Laser/Radar encounters with date, time, your speed of travel and exact type of Laser/Radar encountered.

With this app. wired AL Priority Control Set is no longer necessary. Your smartphone becomes the ALP user interface and the only thing visible in the cabin of your car.
Remove your smartphone when leaving the car and no-one will be the wiser about your AL Priority installation.

The app. connects wireless over a Bluetooth to your ALPConnect Bluetooth Module equipped (sold separately) AL Priority System.

The app. is free, you may download it from the store and check out it's DEMO mode even if you have not yet acquired the BlueTooth module for you ALP system.

This app. can run in the background to extend the life of your battery. Enable notifications on your device to receive alerts while the app. is in the background.
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