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AL BlueTooth Module (AL BT Module) V2

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Enables wireless connection of your AL Priority with your iPhone, iPod or Android device
Part Number: ALP-BT
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The Bluetooth Module supports both wireless and wired control of the AL Priority. If  the system detects a loss of the wireless signal from a smartphone, control automatically reverts to the Control Set.

Download the ALP Connect app from iTunes or Google App Store. The smartphone app will give you all the functions of the Control Set adding a visual display with voice alerts.

  • compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating systems
  • online updateable to keep up with future Android and iOS releases
  • supports wired Control Set connection
  • enables online firmware updating of your system
  • adds a display to your ALP system, and more…

Using ALP Connect you will get Laser alerts with crystal clear voice alerts and if using the Radar Integration you will receive voice alerts and frequency response along with signal graph.

ALP Connect Radar Detection