New AL Priority Review

Posted by Administrator on 11/18/2013
Long time enthusiast of countermeasures recently did an independent test of the AL Priority. Read the review here.

New AL Priority R/G Radar & GPS Module

Posted by Administrator on 11/7/2013
We will begin testing of the new AL Priority R/G Module next week. AL Priority with the integration of the Beltronics Sti-R Plus for Radar will be awesome.

AL Priority Bluetooth Connect Hardware

Posted by Administrator on 11/5/2013
Looks like the first photo's of the new ALP Connect Module are out. Seems like an easy connection to the ALP C port to add Bluetooth connection to your iPhone.

New Forum for AntiLaser Support

Posted by Administrator on 11/4/2013
A new online forum is being launched for Radar Detector and Laser Jammer support. All new AL Priority information will be posted on the new forum.